General Flagpole Shipping Information

Customer Routed LTL and Parcel Shipments

  • If a customer would like to use their own trucking carrier(s), it needs to be approved in advance with Eder Flag.    
  • There is a handling fee charged for LTL shipments. 
  • Purchase orders MUST contain clear shipping instructions. 
  • Delivery of goods to your carrier at point of origin (Eder Warehouse) constitutes transfer of ownership. 
  • Any transit delays or damage claims will need to be handled directly with delivery carrier by the Seller. 
  • Parcel shipping chargebacks on Vendor or recipient accounts are the responsibility of the Seller. 
  • If a chargeback occurs, freight costs will be invoiced to the Seller at published rates plus any carrier adjustment fees.
  • Customers shipping regularly on their own shipping account have the responsibility to maintain the account and keep the account in good standing. 
  • Eder Flag reserves the right to refuse use of Vendor or 3rd party parcel carrier account(s) at any time.

Limited Access / Non Commercial Delivery locations

  • Special delivery needs are always handled best when they are planned for in advance.     
  • Communicate in advance how we can make the experience more efficient and dependable for contractor scheduling, job site deadlines, etc.  
  • Non-commercial locations include (but are not limited to) residences, churches, schools, veteran facilities, and construction sites. Any location that is not deemed a commercial business location or a business without dock access, additional charges may apply. 
  • Some locations have additional circumstances. Examples include island locations, gated communities, rural, and military bases. Additional carrier charges may apply in these circumstances.  
  • Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. Owned territories, and export orders are quoted on a case-by-case basis. 
  • If the actual freight cost is higher than your quote or shipping cart estimate during checkout, we will contact you prior to shipping. 
  • Shipping estimates can be provided by emailing Include the item number of the flagpole and the full ship to address.

Transit Time 

  • Delays in transit time can happen and transit time is not guaranteed. Eder Flag is not responsible for carrier delays. 
  • We can facilitate an in-hands date if requested. We will do our best to quote expedited or guaranteed services to meet your needs. 

International Shipments

  • The Seller is known as the exporter of record with export and cross-border transactions.  
  • Exporter of record must provide any commercial invoices or customs documents needed to go forward. Exporters must be informed and comply with all of the export regulations that govern their sale. 
  • Eder Flag can help you identify HTS codes and country of manufacture when requested. 
  • Eder Flag will not be responsible for any duties, taxes, or brokerage.
  • Eder Flag is NOT the seller of record on drop ship orders.  


  • The carrier's responsibility ends at the dock or driveway. It is the recipient's responsibility to offload flagpoles, accessories & hardware. Depending on the size flagpole ordered, the recipient may need to have additional support to assist offloading.  
  • Our shipments request a carrier courtesy notification 24 hours prior to delivery to the point of contact provided. These advance calls are not always perfectly timed. Sometimes carriers begin making these calls while flagpoles are in transit, and delays can happen while in transit to delivery terminals. 
  • Normal delivery hours are 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. Deliveries outside normal hours may need special arrangements. Contact us for more information.   
  • Adult signatures are required at time of delivery. A carrier should never be authorized to drop off a shipment without anyone available to accept it. Damage claims will not apply in this situation.

Receipt of Goods

  • Inspect the shaft, packaging carton(s), and accessories upon delivery. 
  • Visible loss or damage apparent at time of delivery must be noted - no exceptions. 
  • Any sign of significant or extensive damage is a reason to refuse the shipment.  
  • Full inspection of all goods is expected within the first 48 hours after their arrival. 
  • Confirm all flagpole pieces and accessories are in good order to ensure a smooth installation.    

Flagpole Storage 

  • Aluminum flagpole shafts can stain if allowed to remain in contact with wet or damp wrappings. If there is any sign of exposure to moisture, immediately remove the shaft from the tube, unwrap and dry it immediately. 
  • If the shaft is to be stored outdoors, it must be stored off the ground and unwrapped. 
  • A warning label is adhered to the shipping tube which instructs the recipient to remove the flagpole from the tube and unwrap immediately.

Damages & Shortages 

  • The manufacturer and carrier do their best to minimize damages, but they still happen. If you have a problem, notify Eder Flag as soon as possible with photos and details. We will take steps to get replacements going and begin the claim process with the carrier. 
  • Damages or shortages found after the delivery, need to be reported in five business days to qualify for concealed damage claim. 
  • Concealed damage is when damage to the contents of a package is not apparent until the package is opened. A concealed damage claim centers around the belief that no damage is noted and it is not clear who is responsible. With that in mind, responsibility is divided amongst the three parties to the transaction - shipper, carrier, and recipient. If approved, each party pays a third of the value.
  • If product is received damaged or missing, the receiver MUST state the details on the delivery document – no exceptions. Do not write “subject to inspection” or “possible concealed damage”, you must be specific on the issue. If nothing is noted, the carrier will assume everything has been delivered in good order. 
  • If the flagpole resembles the alpha characters V - W - L – C or is severely crushed, refuse the shipment. The customer may keep the ground sleeve and hardware carton while noting the flagpole refused. Take photos of the damaged product. 
  • Never assume the delivery driver will document on your behalf. If they are using electronic PDA units, make sure they add remarks. Sometimes they can even take photos.  
  • The Seller of record is the shipper for drop ship orders. Eder Flag is not responsible to accept a third financial responsibility.